Yes, I am that "MyOrganicAgent" as heard on "REAL TALK USA"  Saturday mornings 9-10 am on  AM1230 KFYI-2 The Next Generation of Radio. Where I give my point of view when it comes to gardening and growing in the Arizona Desert. Yes, it is possible and with little effort. Who is with me?  Let me know what you would like to hear about. I will do my best in greening up all of our lives.

     Thank you for stopping by, feel free to take a look around, stay a while. If you have received seeds from me, take a look on the 

"In The Garden" page to see what you have. Happy Planting!

   I am a Realtor who loves Organic Gardening. I have been playing in the garden for over 20 years now and I can and will help you find the perfect spot for your garden. I can assist you with your daily needs on insects, pests and even how to help keep out mans best friend.  Read more in the "In The Garden" section. Please ask questions, I will do my best to get you the best answer.

   I am not nor have I ever been totally Organic, mainly due to living in the city we are bound by having to use city water. I think that it is a better way of life growing organically and the more we can get away from eating all the junk foods out there.... well you know. Give me a chance and maybe I can help you find your dream home too... How great would that be? Talk about having it all....

   If you should find that you would like to grow some of the veggies I have written about. Let me know. Chances are I have some seeds and I am more than willing to share what I have.  On the same note, if you happen to have too many seeds and would like to share them with MyOrganicAgent then email me at I also have need for envelopes of all kinds to give out seeds. Donations are always appreciated. It's a recycle thing.

   The best way to contact me is by filling out a quick form and letting me know exactly what it is I can help you with. No question is too big or too small. I am here for you. You can find the form in the "Homes For Sale" tab.  

  Please feel free to contact me. I would love to be your agent and I would love to see your garden grow. Have a great day.


 Heroes Home Advantage is a program that I have joined to give back to those of you who have chosen a field in helping others... Find out more.

I mainly do the job of any good Realtor. I will take you out house hunting to help find you the home of your dreams. I also have had great luck in finding investment properties. I will also point out the perfect garden location and give ideas on what plants or trees will do best where. Give me a call and see. Yes I can help in finding a Green Home.

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