This is going to seem too easy. If you are interested in having a garden put together for your School/Learning Facility/Care Facility/Churches/Places of Warship...  Wherever.. Just fill out a questionnaire and I will get to work on it.  This is a start to finish and back to start again in growing your own foods. This is to educate how to grow from Seed to plant to harvest all the way back to Seed again so you can share what you grow as much as you want.

  Some of the options to aid in the education are...

  • Coloring Books showing start to finish the life of a plant. 3 different books available.
  • From Seed to Seed knowledge on plants/seeds that are used in each garden.
  • Learn to take kitchen scraps and grow from there.
  • Learn how to harvest seeds and why Organic is easier than we all think.
  • Chickens in the garden. Are you allowed Chickens? Want them?
  • The use of Trees and how to properly care for them.
  • Hands-on Education on how to sprout seeds and why seeds need what they do.

    I couldn't do this without Volunteers and Donations. Every Location that we are adding Gardens to rely upon Volunteers and Donations. The way the Community comes together to help build something as simple as a garden. By Donations I am not talking money either. I am talking someone has some Pallets laying around and they need to be gone, I WILL USE IT!!! If someone has some Bricks/Blocks/Stones. I WILL USE IT!!! .. I think you get the picture... With a little planning and Volunteer work we can get things growing in no time.

   Oh yeah... Did I mention how much this costs??? FREE!!!! ... Yes, I said it... FREE!!! I want to share the knowledge I have. It does nobody any good if I keep it to myself. It is easy as pie I tell you. Just a little knowledge goes a long way. Once I hear from you I can schedule a time to go and view the space we have, we will come up with a plan on what our goal will be (garden beds/planter boxes/trees/shrubs/vines, etc). Then we set forth the wheels to get things moving forward to make it a reality for everyone involved. I do most of the work so you don't have to. Really, it is THAT easy.

Again, some of the locations I would LOVE to help build a garden...

Day Care Centers

Learning Centers

Adult Care Centers

Churches/Places of Warship

Adult Living (full time or part)

Schools of all kinds. It's hard for me to say no to helping people out with growing free food.

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